Porto degli Argonauti

A magical resort on the sea

Porto degli Argonati is in Marina di Pisticci, near the charming city of Matera, European Capital for Culture 2019, in the heart of the Ionian Sea, in the middle of the Mediterranean. This location is ideal for discovering the treasures of Lucania, Calabria, and Puglia, and a starting point for adventures farther away, such as the Greek Islands, Turkey, the Aeolian Islands, and Sicily.

With a convenient access channel, which is 50 metres wide and 4 metres deep, protected by converging piers, the marina has two internal docks, surrounded by a thick pine forest on one side, and the resort on the other. The docks are 220 meters long, 140 wide and up to 3.5 meters deep, and are equipped with fixed mooring piers. The berths can be purchased as property or rented for long and/or short periods, with a wide range of formulas.

Porto degli Argonati is the only Italian marina that has received five Golden Anchors from the TYHA (The Yacht Harbour Association) for the quality of the moorings and services offered by the marina-resort. Open all year round, it can accommodate 450 small and medium sized leisure boats, some even longer than 30 metres. Excellent services are offered, and technical assistance is impeccable. The Porto degli Argonati is a new, elegant and functional marina, and is part of a marina-resort, with exclusive tourist and residential accommodation facilities, immersed in the nature and flavours of the area. Overlooking the golden sands of the coastline and the crystal-clear sea, this high-quality complex allows you to rediscover the spirit of the sea while respecting the natural environment, savouring local traditions, and getting to know the people of Lucanian, all this while dedicating yourself to your own well-being. One place to enjoy beauty treatments and tranquillity is the Oleandro Spa, a cutting-edge centre dedicated to total relaxation and beauty. The waters of the “lagoon” pool on the grounds of Hotel degli Argonauti will relax and tone you. Find serenity in the Villas surrounded by fragrant gardens and lush greenery. In the lively streets of the village there are small shops, local crafts and restaurants, not to mention the Argojazz music festival that offers music on summer nights.

The marina-resort offers beauty and comfort thanks to facilities and services for everyone’s needs. The elegant Hotel degli Argonauti spoils you with a private beach and a huge “lagoon” pool that stretches over 6 thousand square-metres. Borgo degli Argonauti is a village inspired by fishermen’s houses with a lively square animated by lighting, small shops, local crafts and restaurants. If you prefer a quiet vacation, there are charming villas and comfortable holiday homes surrounded by fragrant gardens and lush greenery, with panoramic glass walls open to the sea and marinas. You can also relax to the sound of the boat masts by walking along the harbour to the outer piers, by the sea. At the Yachting Club at the marina artistic and marine events are organized. The Circolo Vela Argonauti, with its sailing school and FIV instructors, promotes sailing and all sea and seaside activities; particular attention is given to children, but everyone’s needs will be met.

At the resort, you can both have fun and improve your skills in many sports: there are tennis courts, swimming pools, a pine tree forest for archery or dancing surrounded by its perfumes: archery and dance lessons are offered in Spazio Essenza, where internships of different lengths of time can be arranged with important artists throughout the year. On the beach you can ride horses until sunset. Near the resort there are two 18-hole golf courses. The resort has an amphitheatre and a room for parties and receptions. There are numerous proposals regarding the territory, and offers during different times the year: events, artistic and sports internships, cultural and tourist itineraries, food and wine classes, and local craft markets.

How to reach Porto degli Argonauti

By train: From the Metaponto FS train station, which serves high-speed trains, you can either take a bus, or request transfer by car.

By plane: The nearest international airports are Bari and Brindisi, which are 130 and 100 KM, respectively, from the marina. Thanks to transfer services (by request) you can reach Porto degli Argonauti quickly and easily. It is also possible to rent a car drive to the marina in about one hour.

By car: Autostrada A14, exit at Taranto, take S.S. 106 Jonica towards Reggio Calabria, exit at San Teodoro, KM 442. Autostrada A3, exit at Potenza, take S.S. 407 to Basentaana, S.S. 106 Jonica towards Reggio Calabria, exit at San Teodoro, KM 442.

Visit, Explore, Taste

Wellbeing and Nature

When you moor at Porto degli Argonauti, you will find an incredible amount of natural beauty, archaeological sites and cultural destinations renowned all over the world just a few miles away. Basilicata, a little-known region in Italy, has ancient origins where natural and human histories have left important traces since prehistoric times. The territory of Basilicata is mostly mountainous or hilly and is divided into two fundamental areas: the west is formed by the Lucanian Apennine mountain ridges, while to the east there is a hilly area that forms the province of Matera, gradually descending towards the Ionian Sea, along which lies the only true plain of the region. The woods and forests that cover the mountains are dotted with small and charming villages up to 1000 metres above sea level, where pure mountain air, genuine flavours and beauty of nature are intertwined with historical sites. The coast of Basilicata touches two different seas: the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian. The Ionian coast, with the two well-known towns of Metaponto and Policoro, offers wide beaches of fine sand or pebbles, in some places surrounded by pine forests and rows of eucalyptus. The Gulf of Policastro, on the Tyrrhenian side, has a high and jagged coast, where the promontories overlooking the sea are interspersed with small beaches lapped by crystal clear waters.

Art and culture

Travelling in Basilicata is a fascinating journey thanks to its historic and artistic past. The region is the site of migrations, international trade, and cultural exchanges. Do not miss Matera, a city unique in the world, known as the city of stones for its ancient homes recognized for their beauty as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Domenico Ridola National Museum, which preserves prehistoric objects in polished stone, sarcophagi with pottery and turrets, statues, primordial weapons, jewellery, and coins is also worth visiting. The Church of San Domenico and the Church of San Francesco can be visited along the main street, the Castello Tramontano. Basilicata is rich in interesting tourist areas such as the Vulture Territory, with its villages perched on rocks like nativity scenes, and with the beauty of landscapes with forests, lakes and fortresses. Metaponto, an ancient colony of Magna Graecia, was a large commercial, political and cultural centre, with ancient temples dedicated to Athena, Apollo, Hera, a shrine, and an Ionic temple.

Good to know

Nestled between the mountains and the sea, Basilicata has a varied and nuanced gastronomic tradition. Its dishes are part of the history of the South and are a symbol of tradition that continues, through its mix of simple and genuine flavours, to be handed down from generation to generation. Anyone visiting Basilicata for the first time cannot fail to be tempted by the unique flavour of the beans of Sarconi, one of the treasures of Lucanian gastronomy and certified as a Genuine Local Product (IGP). The sweet flavour of these beans is perfect for several types of dishes, including fresh pastas like maltagliati or strangolapreti. Another leading product of the Lucanian cuisine is caciocotto, the king of southern cowmilk cheeses with a sweet and slightly tangy taste, ideal for eating when still fresh. And Cruschi di Senise peppers, a real delicacy dried in the sun, then fried in plenty of olive oil, or local sausages, such as the “beggar” sausage, made using the less noble cuts of pork, lamb and veal, used for making sauce, but also cooked on the grill or boiled with vegetables and served on slices of bread. Basilicata has an amazing food and wine culture, and a vast choice to immerse yourself in the flavours and aromas of authentic products and recipes


Porto degli Argonauti, in addition to offering its guests a state-of-the-art complex thanks to its villas, hotels, apartments, clubs and shops, is enriched every year by numerous sporting and cultural events. The Argojazz jazz festival is one of the most popular events on the national live music scene, and thanks to the quality and originality of the international jazz performers, this festival enchants guests with concerts under the stars. For film lovers, the Argomovie cinema line-up offers the best films of the season combined with events in the area, and a location by the sea is the backdrop for the projections. To offer events with the interests of everyone in mind, Porto degli Argonauti organizes the Ionian Winter Sea Championship for sailing enthusiasts that takes place in the sea right outside of the harbour. Many events and traditional celebrations take place throughout the year in the region, such as the centuries-old Festa della Madonna della Bruna in Matera on July 2, with the “shepherds” procession, during which the ancient neighbourhoods wake up at first light to greet the Image of the Virgin, whose passage is announced by fireworks. The Tricarico carnival, characterized by the masks of cows and bulls representing a migrating herd, is one of the most important traditional events of the region. Last, but not least, the Pisticcese Carnival, featuring traditional nocturnal serenades, concerts, festivals and cultural events, parades of wagons and costumed particpants.

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Nautical Services

  • Assistance for mooring and launching
  • Video surveillance
  • Bunkering services
  • Collection of ordinary and special waste
  • Petrol services
  • Bilge water extraction
  • Internal cleaning of boats
  • Electricity 240/400 volts (16-125 amps)
  • Drinking water on the quay
  • Scuba Divers

Guest Services

  • Yacht Club
  • Sailing school
  • License and nautical practice services
  • Parking
  • Toilets and showers
  • Boat rental
  • Skipper service
  • Market, shopping centre, restaurants
  • Congress centre, hotels, swimming pools, SPA
  • Golf courses
  • Sports Centre
  • ATM service, tourist information
  • Fishing articles
  • WI-FI

Technical Assistance

  • 75-ton travel lift
  • Slipways
  • Boat storage
  • Boat maintenance at the shipyard
  • Mobile crane 30 ton.
  • Fire-fighting service
  • Repairs: engines, electric, wooden hulls, fibreglass hulls, steel hulls

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Technical Data

  • Hours of access: continuous
  • Coordinates: 40°20’26.3″N 16°48’24.1″E
  • Max LOA: 40 mt.
  • Draft: 3.5 meters max.
  • VHF Radio 74
  • Seabed: sandy
  • Winds: North-West and South-East
  • Transverse winds: South-East and South

Lido di Macchia – 75020 Marina di Pisticci (MT) – Italy
Tel. +39 0835 470 218
Email: info@argonauti.com

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