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Marina di Santa Marinella is just a doorstep away from Capo Linaro, a historical destination for nautical tourism located to the north of Rome. The majestic silhouette of the XIV-century castle Castello Odescalchi rises upon the city.

The marina is located at the heart of the city centre of Santa Marinella, also called the “Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea” and popular seaside destination close to Rome. In-fact, since ancient times the town has been a traditional haven for the Roman bourgeoisie. The town can be easily accessed from the capital city by train or car in less than an hour and enjoys an ideal climate, sweetened during the summertime by the fresh breeze coming from the Monti della Tolfa mountains. On the contrary, those protect it from the Bora’s cold winds in the winter. Said climatic conditions are highly influenced by the nearby Maremma, of which Santa Marinella acts as a southern extension, along with Tarquinia and Cerveteri, two cities that now belong to the UNESCO heritage thanks to their Etruscan necropolis.

When overlooking the sea, the port is located in the midst of the approach routes to the Tuscan archipelago from south, just 35 miles away from the Giannutri island and from the Monte Argentario promontory and, moreover, in front of the Costa Smeralda and the southern strip of Corsica. These are both reachable within a night’s navigation in a sailing boat. The port acts as a small nautical village where you can find two restaurants, a bar, two sailing clubs and a club for diving enthusiasts, along with the local fishermen’s fleet – which guarantees the quality of the fish served in the restaurants of the marina! There are also numerous businesses just outside the port facilities. It takes about 10 minutes on foot to reach the local train station, through which you can go to St. Peter’s Square in Rome in only 35 minutes. The moorings are of typical Mediterranean style, built on permanent and floating wharfs and protected by a breakwater dyke. The dyke is provided with a terrace where you can enjoy aperitifs during the summer season, with the spectacular sights offered by the many sailing events of the area. Also of note is that here starts the historical “Roma per tutti” regatta, which goes both ways from Civitavecchia to Lipari.

Under the castle walls you can find the dry stack port, which allows boats up to 7.5 metres in length to stop ashore. This is possible at any time thanks to a 1,500kg coin-operated jib crane – an exclusive service destined to ship owners staying in Marina di Santa Marinella. Furthermore, it was recently launched a program of works that has given the present structure appropriate new buildings for the renewed role, from both an aesthetic and practical point of view. Right in front of the pedestrian entrance of the port, there is the panoramic terrace connected, through the suggestive stair, to the underlying square that featured a facade of pink arches. And the storage area, a space dedicated for the use by professional fisherman. A brand new bar where-from its nice raised square and panoramic terrace – is possible to admire both the port and open sea towards Capo Linaro and the Castle of Santa Severa. In this area of the coastline there are many beaches and natural coves, one of the most striking is Banzai Beach, which is situated south of the port. Banzai Beach became one of the main spot for surfing lovers, with aficionados in all the Mediterranean area. Even diving and underwater fishing enthusiasts will appreciate -without any doubt-its seabed conformation, characterised mainly by rocks and coves, habitual lairs for many different species of Mediterranean marine life.

How to reach us

The train station of Santa Marinella is 10 minutes walking distance or 3 minutes by bus away from the marina. From Roma Termini (about one hour) and Roma San Pietro (about 35 minutes) there are direct trains to Santa Marinella every 15/30 minutes.

The nearest airport is Roma Fiumicino (“Leonardo Da Vinci” airport) which is about 40 mins away by car from the marina. Alternatively Roma-Ciampino airport is also reachable in about an hour drive by car.

From Rome you need to take A12 highway toward Civitavecchia and taking S. Severa – S. Marinella exit. Alternatively the destination can be reached also by taking road Aurelia SS1 towards S. Marinella.

Visit, Explore, Enjoy

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Thanks to its geographical position and to its enviable climate, Santa Marinella has been defined the “Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea”. Its coastline presents varied morphological features: rocky in the northern area, where wild shingle beaches alternate with small sandy areas, which are equipped with beach facilities. Heading south we can find a characteristic coastline where a series of stilts terraced, which follow one another seamlessly, create a fascinating landscape. This landscape ends up at Capo Linaro, where the coast is – for almost its entire lenght- rich in sandy beaches and modern beach facilities, which make it a perfect location where tourists and their families can relax in peace. Santa Marinella is also a popular destination for surfers and in-fact, the particular configuration of the coast made possible, in some area as Banzai beach, the development of waves such as to arouse the attention of surfers from around the Mediterranean. There are also facilities for those who are looking for moments of relaxation and comfort. In-fact 20 km heading north from the marina there are the Terme Ficoncella, a small spa complex made of 5 natural pools with different temperature degrees, the hottest one reaches 60°. The water where you immerse yourself today is the same one where Traiano,the Roman emperor, used to immerse few centuries ago! Staying in the land of Etruscan-Roman civilisation, you can find two WWF oasis: the Macchiagrande and the Oasis of Palo Laziale. Those are a tangible sign of a luxuriant nature, immersed in an atmosphere full of charm and mystery, which amazes visitors with the extraordinary spectacle of the two volcanic lakes of Bracciano and Martignano.

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Santa Marinella, known as Punicum during the Roman era, boasts a natural port which was used since the times of Etruscan settlements. The tradition attributes to Basilian monks, around the year one thousand, the construction of the village and the church dedicated to Santa Marina on the area of the ancient Punicum around the inlet -also used by the Etruscans as a landing- where the marina of Santa Marinella is today. As a backdrop of the marina, between pines and palm trees, there is the majestic castel dating back to 14th century -owned by Odescalchi family- from which the name is given. Within walking distance from Santa Marinella, there is another historic building of great prestige: the castle of Santa Severa. It is located in one of the most important archeological areas on the Tyrrhenian coast north of Rome. In-fact, the castle was built on Pyrgi site – the Etruscan town perched on the cliff- which developed all around the port for an extension of about 10 hectares. From Santa Marinella, the town of Cerveteri is easily reachable in few minutes by car. Cerveteri is an UNESCO world heritage site, its Etruscan necropolis is one of the most important open-air museum sites in the Mediterranean. This journey into the Etruscan civilisation continues on to Tarquinia, the first page in the history of great Italian painting ”for its exceptional painted tombs adorned with scenes of huntsmen, fishermen, jugglers”. Instead, for those who fell like to be surrounded by the cultural, historical and political essence of Western population it only takes 35 minutes by train: Rome the biggest museum of the world, it is very close to Santa Marinella. The millennial history of its monuments, squares , domes and archaeological sites can be seen in every corner of the city , but there are also many routes off the beaten that reveal to the visitor a hidden soul, full of mystical meanings.

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If Italy is considered the home of the Mediterranean diet, Santa Marinella and its surroundings perfectly reflect this healthy and tasty style of eating. Precisely from these lands starts the famous path called Strada del Vino e dei Prodotti Tipici delle Terre Etrusco Romane (wine and typical products route of Etruscan lands). This trails starts from Via Aurelia, few kilometres away from Rome, in a scenario that alternates cultivated fields, olive groves and pastures. But above all you can find a wide variety of farms especially in the picturesque medieval village of Torre in Pietra, Ceri, Cerveteri, Tolfa and on the Bracciano lake. The real route highlight is without any doubt the wine. In particular the two DOC certifications: Cerveteri and Tarquinia, as well as the new IGT Costa Etrusco Romana. In addition to the exceptional wines, the food farming heritage of these lands is very rich as it can counts on fertile fields, which produce vegetables of excellence, such as the IGP Ladispoli artichoke or the Trevigano tomato. Not to mention a deep rooted cheese-making tradition, exemplified by “caciofiore” of Columella, a cheese that is still produced today by following the description and the original recipe from the inventor Columella dated back to the first century A.D. A visit to Rome cannot be done without stopping to taste the famous Roman cuisine. Its most traditional dishes are artichokes “alla giudia” or tagliolini cacio e pepe (cacio cheese and pepper) or “alla gricia”. In Campo de Fiori area in Rome, you can taste an exquisite codfish fillet in Piazza dei Librari or for a quick lunch in summertime you can opt for a white pizza with Parma ham and figs from Forno di Piazza di Campo de Fiori, or for a lovely supplì (fried rice ball) in Via dei Banchi Vecchi. And if you are on the Rome coastline, and in Santa Marinella as well, it is impossible not to experience local dishes based on fish such as spaghetti with tellina clams.

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The structural and architectural features of the marina perfectly integrated with the fortress which stands above it. These features make the Marina of Santa Marinella an authentic flagship for the town, which use its facilities as an exceptional location for the rich program of summer shows. In this welcoming town there are two main events during the year: the folkloristic celebrations in honour of patron San Giuseppe, which involve the entire town historical centre for many days, and the summer parade of allegorical floats. During the parade 9 districts of the city challenge each other through the construction of wood and papier-mâché floats, accompanied by settings and music of the chosen theme to be presented in front of a jury. Obviously, given the proximity of the city to the capital, it is definitely worth to take advantage of its vast range of attractions, trendy clubs and events, from the sacred to the profane, from cultural to sports events. Among those, the most exclusive one is without any doubt the “Festa del Cinema” in Rome, which takes place every year in the magnificent settings of the new “Auditorium Parco della Musica”, designed by Renzo Piano. This building has now become a reference point for all movie fans and not only. Film screenings, meetings, exhibitions and conferences of all kinds are hosted in this structure. The 1,300 square meters of the avenue that leads to the Cavea are transformed into one of the most coveted red carpet in the world. And for those who wants to have an extremely suggestive experience, as the Aida opera in the background of the ancient Roman ruins, do not miss the events organised by the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome during the summer, including “Rome Opera Aperta”, which is held in the beautiful surroundings of the Baths of Caracalla.

Nautical Services

  • 24 hours mooring assistance
  • Water and electricity on quay
  • Fuel distributor at the dock
  • Showers and toilets facilities
  • Forecast service
  • 24hrs CCTV surveillance
  • Separate waste collection
  • Ecological platform for collecting exhausted mineral oils and batteries

Guest Services

  • Bar with panoramic terrace
  • Restaurant
  • Yacht Club
  • 250 parking spaces

Technical Assistance

  • Building site
  • Storage dockyards
  • Slipway and ramp
  • 40 ton Travel lift
  • Dry stack

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Technical Data

  • Access time: non-stop
  • GPS coordinates: 42°02′,06 N 11°52′,57 E
  • Capacity: 285 berths
  • Max LOA: 22 mt.
  • Draught: 3 m. l.m.m. (3,5 m. at the entrance)
  • Radio: VHF Channel 9
  • Seabed : sandy
  • Crosswind:sirocco

Santa Marinella – Località Porticciolo
Viale Roma Snc, RM, 00058
Lazio, Italy
Phone: +39 0766 513005
Fax: +39 0766 518063
Mob: +39 366 4539531
Email: info@marinadisantamarinella.com

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