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Marina dei Cesari is a modern and welcoming marina in the Marche. It is just a short distance away from the historic centre of Fano, an ancient Roman city that still conserves some wonderful Roman remains today, surrounded by hills that slope gently down to the sea.

The marina is adjacent to the little fish market, freshly restocked every morning with the night’s catch, and near the historic fishing village with its characteristic coloured houses in an area packed with colour and life. It splits Fano’s long shoreline in two, with the pebble beach of Sassonia to the west and the sandy beach of Lido to the east, both lined with modern bathing establishments, hotels, restaurants, shops, bars and cafés, with a lively nightlife.

The piers at Marina dei Cesari are equipped with water and electricity connections and have capacity for more than 400 boats measuring between 7 and 40 metres, with a mooring assistance service. What is more, complete technical safety is guaranteed. The facility also offers a cutting-edge Nautical Assistance Centre, able to perform a full range of maintenance and repair operations right here at the Marina, a harbour sheltered from the dominant winds, a 24h video surveillance system and an elegant Yacht Club. Marina dei Cesari occupies a strategic position in the heart of the Adriatic Sea, just 70 miles from the Croatian islands, and has good transport links with the nearby airports of Rimini, Bologna and Ancona, the A14 motorway exit and the railway station in Fano, which is less than 1 km away.

The Marina has a renowned fish restaurant which also offers an on-board catering service and welcomes diners to its panoramic terrace in the summer months, a café and bar perfect for quick snacks in the garden, and a magnificent roof-top terrace where you can sip an aperitif and enjoy an all-round view of the sea, from the promontory of Monte Conero (Ancona) to that of San Bartolo (Pesaro). A walkway of over 1 km runs the length of the breakwater, offering the wonderful opportunity to look around over the open sea and also to enjoy a view of the entire harbour basin from above, surrounded by the city with the hills in the background. This panoramic walk takes visitors to the statue of the Victorious Youth , a copy of a Greek work attributed to Phidias  and discovered in the sea by local fishermen.

Thanks to its location and favourable climate, Fano’s marina is the perfect place for organising sailing regattas, benefitting from the constant support of the Yacht Club Marina dei Cesari (YCMC). Marina dei Cesari is a Blue Flag marina, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to protecting the environment.

How to reach us

The closest railway station is in Fano, which is about 1 km from the marina and is well connected with the neighboring towns of Pesaro and Falconara Marittima, the main hubs for national transport.

The nearest international airports are Rimini and Ancona, which are about 50 km. from Fano, while Bologna Airport is 160 km away.

Coming from Milan you can enter into the A1 and then from Bologna take the A14 towards Ancona. From Rome, instead, go along the A24 motorway and continue on the A14 towards Bologna. As an alternative to the highways, from Rome you can take the Via Flaminia to the pass of Scheggia, driving along the freeway E-45 towards Perugia. From the south the routes to follow are Rome-Pescara and Taranto-Ancona-Pescara. From the A14 Bologna – Bari, both from the South or the North, the reference exit is the tollgate of Fano, from where you continue following the signs to Fano Center.

Visit, Explore, Enjoy

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The city of Fano is located in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, the most northern province within the region Marche and the greenest. There are in-fact three protected natural areas and over 50% of its territory is covered by forest. Heading towards the inland from the sea, you can see a subsequent elevation of mountains, up to the Umbria-Marche Apennines culminating with the main mountain range of the province: the Catria group of over 1700 meters. The province of Pesaro and Urbino province retains a first-class environmental heritage, which allows the visitor to enjoy the sea as the delightful hilly landscape in the short space of a few kilometres. Exploring this part of the Adriatic coastline also gives you the opportunity to admire the spectacle of two of the very few headlands on the entire Marche coastline as Ardizio and San Bartolo. The lattest is home to an enchanting natural park from which branches off steep streets leading to the underlying quiet beaches: real corners of paradise and green sea, where you can rediscover the pleasure of a silent relaxation in the nature. Few kilometres away from Fano, among a hill trail of extraordinary beauty in every season, Urbino -World Heritage Site- stands out with its charming architecture and atmosphere of yesteryear. The whole province is rich in cultural heritage, theatres, and ancient cities of art of considerable value including Cagli, Fossombrone, Mondolfo, Mondavio, Sassocorvaro, etc.

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The city of Fano, known as Fanum Fortunae in Roman times, is now a busy seaside resort and a tourist destination that places a strong emphasis on quality of life and has received a prestigious Blue Flag award. It stands out for its relaxed seaside lifestyle during the summer months, while also offering plenty to do. In fact, the seafront plays host to bands, little markets and food stands, while the historic centre, which is within easy walking or cycling distance from the marina, is home to numerous attractive shops. It is particularly worth noting the metalworking shops, a flourishing craft here in Fano, which boasts a very well preserved historic and cultural legacy. A stroll around the city takes in underground remains from the Roman period, crenellated walls and gates from the Middle Ages, the Malatesta family tombs, the cathedral and the superb Malatesta Palace, which houses the Art Gallery and the Archaeology Museum. However, Fano is also an ideal base for excursions to authentic cultural gems such as Urbino, birthplace of Raphael and the cradle of Renaissance art and architecture, whose historic centre has been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site because its cobbled alleyways, steps and steep winding streets have preserved its appearance of five centuries ago. Exploring the nearby hills takes you off the beaten track, giving you the chance to discover numerous fortified towns and villages, some of which are listed among “Italy’s Most Beautiful Villages”: from the mediaeval fortress of Gradara to the towers, bulwarks and patrol walkways of Corinaldo, the Ducal Palace in Urbania which has been home to a flourishing hand-painted majolica industry for centuries, and the Renaissance castle of Mondavio. A fascinating array of important historical and architectural moments and unforgettable landscapes. In addition to these itineraries, we can add the recently discovered “invisible landscapes”: a number of spots dotted around Montefeltro, which were used by great Renaissance painters as the backdrops to their works and have now been rediscovered.

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It is very rare for a single province to offer such a mouth-watering and varied selection of food and wine. Fish is an everyday feature in Fano’s cuisine. The entire area around the historic fishing village is permeated with the aroma of roasted fish and seafood soups, which are real local specialities. Marina dei Cesari also organises a shuttle service to particularly interesting areas in food and wine terms, including the Acqualagna zone, capital of the prized white and black truffle; Montefeltro, home to a trusted and delicious variety of beef called Marchigiana; Cartoceto, where olive oil with Protected Denomination of Origin status is made in historic oil presses; Mondaino, an ancient village famed for its production of a subtle and unique “pit cheese” (Formaggio dei Malatesta) and Urbino, whose casciotta cheese has won over famous palates, including that of Michelangelo. Last but not least is the Metauro Plain, a fertile expanse of land able to generate Protected Denomination of Origin wines sought-after by gourmets all over the world, the most famous which is Bianchello del Metauro.

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Fano and the surrounding area convey a particular appeal all year round thanks to the numerous artistic, cultural and folk events that take place here. One of the most important antiques markets on Italy’s Adriatic coast is held each month in Fano. Meanwhile, the city’s wonderful carnival celebrations kick off in February. This is one of the oldest and most popular carnivals in Italy, attracting visitors from all over Europe. During the summer, “Fano Jazz By the Sea” captivates enthusiasts with concerts under the stars, featuring leading names from the international jazz scene, and this continues all year round with weekly Jazz Club meetings. The Teatro della Fortuna presents a rich programme of theatre and music events, while performances held at the Malatesta Palace and numerous local organisations have also proved a great success. There are plenty of other opportunities for entertainment too, including the famous “Notte Rosa” (Pink Night), a popular all-night festival during the summer, as well as art and craft exhibitions and food festivals, such as the “Festival Internazionale del Brodetto di Pesce” (International Fish Soup Festival). Pesaro is 12 km from Fano and is also easily accessible by bike thanks to a panoramic cycle track along the coast. It hosts the “Rossini Opera Festival”, which revisits the work of the great composer from Pesaro each year with the greatest contemporary singers, and the “Festival Nazionale di Arte Drammatica” (National Drama Festival), one of the oldest and most established theatre events in Italy. At 36 km from Fano is Urbino, with its fascinating architecture that is restored to its Renaissance splendour once a year during the “Festa del Duca” (Festival of the Duke).

Nautical Services

  • Mooring assistance
  • Water and electricity on quay (from 16 to 32 amp 220v to 64 and 128 amp 380v)
  • Petrol and diesel fuel distributor at the dock
  • Showers and toilets facilities
  • Forecast service
  • Professional divers
  • Dock lighting
  • Impianto antincendio
  • 24/7 security services
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Webcam

Guest Services

  • Yacht Club Marina dei Cesari (YCMC)
  • Fish House restaurant with terrace overlooking the dock
  • Fish House Bar with garden area
  • 500 car parks
  • 140 covered storage rooms (10 mq)
  • helicopter landing pad
  • Travel agency
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Golf car
  • Courtesy bikes
  • Carrying luggage carts
  • On board catering

Technical Assistance

  • Engines repairs
  • Electronic, hydraulic and sail repairs
  • 75 ton travel Lift
  • Working area
  • Launch
  • Slipways
  • Storage dockyards
  • Polishing and varnishing
  • Antifouling and anti-osmosis treatments
  • Mooring material and splices
  • Washing and cleaning
  • Yacht furnishing
  • Nautical charts and C-Map
  • Other services (boat sales, RINA renewals, registrations,evaluations etc.)

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Technical Data

  • Access time: non-stop
  • GPS coordinates: 43°51′,30 N 13°00′,97 E
  • Max LOA: 40 mt.
  • Draught: 3 mt. l.m.m.
  • Radio: VHF Channel 8
  • Seabed: sandy
  • Winds: Summer I and II quadrants; Winter III and IV quadrants
  • Crosswind: Notherly wind and Gregale in winter, quadrant I in summer

Lungomare Mediterraneo, 26
Fano, PU, 61032
Marche, Italy
Phone: +39 0721 800279
Fax: +39 0721 813854
Email: info@marinadeicesari.it

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