A doorstep away from Aeolian Islands among the beauties of Sicily

Marina Capo d’Orlando is a modern and prestigious facility located within an enchanting natural setting close to Punta Bagnoli. The Marina aims to be perfectly integrated with environment, aesthetic and structure functionality.

In fact, the principles of bio-architecture and energy savings inspired these architectural works by enhancing the harmony of its curved shapes that utterly integrate with the surrounding landscape. Once the maritime and port works are finished, the infrastructure is going to be the flagship of yatching in Sicily. This is also possible thanks to a strategic geographical position that fosters navigation routes in the whole area of the Mediterranean sea and to a mild climate which makes it the ideal destination for nautical tourism all year around.

Within the port area there is a touristic footpath designed to promote the ancient area of Cave del Mercadante, an archeological protected site of a rare beauty. From its rocks, which comes from the sea, millstones were made from. The Marina will officially open its doors on July 2017, however the marketing and selling activities of mooring services will begin by summer 2016.

The impressive port basin will hosts 562 berths, reserved for boats from 8 to 50 m. The berth will be on the dock with mooring line tensioners. The dock area features a seabed from 3.5 to 5 meters deep. The marina will develop on a 183.000 sq. meters area as a whole, which includes quays and indoor spaces. The elegant buildings – designed in the project as an integration part of the marina complex – will host a repair boat workshop and a storage area, as well as a wonderful promenade of shops, stretching at quay level of approximately 3,000 square meters, which will also include a bar, restaurant and convenience store.

The Yacht Club (Club House) area and the large restaurant, which will feature also outdoor spaces and will be enjoyable by yachtsman and members, are designed to be located on the upper floor of the main structures.Being the dome on the patio completely transparent, the rooms are illuminated until late night allowing you to catch the beauty of the starry sky.

How to reach us

The train station Capo d’Orlando – Naso guarantees direct and frequent connections between the city of Palermo and Messina.

Capo d’Orlando is connected to two international airports: Palermo “Falcone Borsellino” (distant 175 km), and Fontanarossa of Catania, (distant 130 km). From Palermo airport a dedicated railway service (Trinacria Express) connects you to the main train station of Palermo. From Catania airport there is a coach service that connects you to Catania main train station.

Capo d’Orlando is close to motorway exit of “Brolo-Capo d’Orlando Est” (arriving from Messina) and of “Rocca di Caprileone – Capo d’Orlando Ovest” (arriving from Palermo). At guest’s disposal a large two-storeys car park with 320 car spaces available.

Visit, Explore, Enjoy

Well-being and nature

Capo d’Orlando Marina opens up a preferential way to discover the charm of the north eastern Sicilian coast, disputed between the Ionian Sea and Tyrrhenian Sea. The cost is a succession of sandy and pebble beaches, history and myths, monuments and nature.What you can see from Capo d’Orlando, while gazing out towards the Aeolinan islands, is absolutely breathtaking. You can admire a clear blue sea, getting lost trough the shapes of the islands Vulcano and Lipari, which are very close to each other. While in the distance Salina, Filicudi and Alicudi stand out. The sea is the natural setting of this fishing village that – due to sea currents and wind exposure – is suitable for bathing at least eight months a year, from April to November.Its seabed offers interesting opportunities for diving enthusiasts. The famous Formicole reef is a real paradise of underwater flora and fauna, in which light plays with the shadows of tunnels and fissures, creating colourful, rare scenes. Immediately behind Capo d’Orlando lies the largest protected area of ​​Sicily: the Nebrodi park, a pristine area that has a rich vegetation. The gentle slopes of its mountains give the opportunity to do unique excursions characterised by the presence of springs and the vegetation, typical of the Nebrodi mountain area. The path is in fact characterised by plants and forest of downy oak and majestic turkey oak. While climbing up you can find beech trees and holly trees. A one-hour drive separates the port from the “lunar” landscapes of the largest volcano in Europe- Mount Etna-which eruptions give breathtaking natural spectacles.

Art and culture

Historical traces of the Roman, Norman and late Middle Ages era left their reminiscences in the small town of Capo d’Orlando. The impressive Bastione castle and the historic sanctuary, which is surrounded by many legends, stand among the beautiful fountains that enrich the city centre. Terme di Bagnoli, which is 3 km from the city, boasts its magnificent mosaics. Looking towards the northern coast, you can admire the pyramidal towers and Cefalù cathedral. Or you can find yourself at the crossroads of great past civilisations, which in Palermo are being revived in temples and in the Roman domus, in the Baroque churches and in the Art Nouveau floral decorations. Taormina, famous all over the world for its beautiful Greek amphitheatre, rather fascinates for its historical centre full of stunning noble residences and picturesque alleyways.

Good to know

Sicily is a cradle of typical food products that has no comparison with other places in the world. Its culinary geography boasts a wide gastronomic range, which is a result of patricians and popular traditions fusion. The dish “pasta con le sarde”, a bluefish that abounds in the Mediterranean sea, is one of the foundations of the island Northern area cuisine. Swordfish is a must for the cuisine of the city of Messina. It can be cooked in numbers of recipes, ranging from the typical ragu to fish rolls. Sicily seafood offer is very much varied and ranges from higher quality fish groups (sea bass, sea bream, snapper, grouper) to molluscs (cuttlefish, squid, short-finned squid) also to the most sought after crustaceous (rock lobster, lobsters).Messina is doubtless the most appropriate province to enjoy a sicilian classic, granita (crushed flavoured ice) accompanied by “brioscia”, a typical sweet bread. The city also can offer excellent livestock products such as Sicilian Black and provola, both from Nebrodi mountains.


The added value of the island and its local people is the culture of hospitality, which is the heritage of Greek and Arab traditions, where the guest was considered sacred. Capo d’Orlando is a very lively town, where the vibrant summer passes by between concerts of renowned Italian artists, important theatre shows and events that enhance the cultural side of Sicily, including the now famous “Little Italy” event. Between the most beautiful expressions of the Sicilian folklore, the celebration of Santa Rosalia, patroness of the city of Palermo, is not to be missed out. The celebration is characterised by parades of floats, firework shows and jugglers.

Nautical Services

  • Mooring assistance
  • Water and electricity on quay
  • Toilet and shower facilities
  • Forecast service
  • Professional divers
  • Docks lighting
  • Fire alarm system
  • 24/7 surveillance
  • Webcam

Guest Services

  • Yacht club
  • Restaurant and bar
  • Convenience store
  • Shopping mall
  • 500 car spaces
  • Golf car
  • Wi-Fi
  • Courtesy bike
  • Car garage

Technical Assistance

  • Boat workshop
  • Storage site for boats
  • Dry dock
  • Travel lift
  • Slide
  • Slipway

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Technical Data

  • Coordinate GPS: 40°33′,43 N 14° 14′,56 E
  • Berths: 562
  • Max LOA (Lenght overall): 40 m.
  • Sea bottom: from 3,5 to 10 mt. average sea level
  • Work progression: opening scheduled for July 2017

Via Mancini, 33
Capo D’Orlando, ME, 98071
Sicilia, Italy

Phone: +39 0941 901877
Fax: +39 0941 912770
Email: portocdospa@virgilio.it

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